Ed's talk: Put a Libertarian on the <em>New York Times</em>' Op-Ed Page

Monday, February 2, 2009

Put a Libertarian on the <em>New York Times</em>' Op-Ed Page

From my, admittedly, somewhat limited contact with the Libertarian philosophy, I find their opinions on most everything social and economic to lie in the realm of pure fantasy.

If their opinions on healthcare ("let the market set the prevailing rates and we'd all be able to afford to go to a doctor"), for example, were allowed to prevail, none of us would ever be able to get any healthcare. Or, "the government should stay out of regulating anything including the banks!" Well, in effect they have been doing this for many years and look where it's gotten us!

Perhaps all these "laissez-faire" views would work fine in an ideal capitalist society where everyone is utterly honest but when has such a society existed? Anything like it would be a right-wing utopia.

We've had Bill Kristol who has been wrong on virtually everything and he is now gone; do we need another loony commentator to take his place?
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