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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Le Nozze di Figaro from post-Levine Met

I had many reservations about this production of “Le Nozze di Figaro” including the unnecessary added visuals which included the servant girls “cleaning and setting up the stage” during the overture but, considering the many other  ”sins”, this may only have been a minor rather than a “cardinal “sin”!, (I have never liked the Met’s modernization of time periods, sets, costumes and attitudes.)

But I was impressed with the Met’s physical setup as I hadn’t been there in many years, and was very much taken with the revolving sets.

I thought the Count (the baritone Mariusz Kwiecień ) was underpowered but liked the Susannah of Sierra and especially the Countess of Ailyn Pérez. The Figaro (Russian bass Ildar Abdrazakov) was just ok in the part. At one point (we were sitting close to the stage) he repeatedly shined his flashlight (!) directly into my eyes but I think he eventually spotted me and stopped shining it. (an example of my own audience participation?)

Maybe Marcellina (Katarina Leoson) could have been made up to look like the old crone she is supposed to be, as is necessary to the later plot developments. (Yes, I am now deliberately avoiding a major “spoiler”!)

Isabel Leonard was very satisfactory in the famous “trouser role” of the lovesick Cherubino and handled the musical, acting and athletic demands of the role adeptly.

Where we sat, I felt that conductor Harry Bicket did overpower the smaller voices at times, but mostly kept the ensemble under control.

But, by and large, I don’t think we are living in the golden age of
great voices!!!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Trump crime family

Trump was a somewhat unknown factor in this new administration but, having been president for several months, his abilities as well as their utter lack are now known by the whole world.

He has not been able to do anything right and, in some ways, this is fortunate. In other ways, his inability to keep his mouth shut has led to the inability of anyone to get full justice (Bowe Bergdahl for example). and has even led to many deaths ·note his utter mishandling of the Puerto Rican hurricane recovery in which his most memorable action was his throwing out of paper towels to the victims.

And note, as well, his cabinet which is partly made up of his family members and his administration's criminal connection to Russia and especially to Vlad the Impaler. (Putin) There is almost no exception to this  among his cabinet including Don Jr., Jared Kushner his son-in-law, as well as his Attorney general Jeff Sessions, Paul Manifort his campaign manager, now under indictment, and several others who have now turned state's evidence. (Popadopolous or whatever his name is!)

And I must add that with all the recent news about sexual abuse by actors and politicians, let us not forget the sexual abuse by Donald Trump our "esteemed" leader of the "free" world who has proudly boasted repeatedly about his own offences towards women over the years!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Trumps now; anyone guess!

The President’s sudden and unexpected decision to send Tomahawk missiles to a Syrian airfield as a response to Assad’s gassing of their population has been advertised as a humanitarian but measured response to send a message to Assad. (The damage to only one of the airstrips was apparently minimal.) This sudden action has had the result of making Trump finally look “Presidential” for the first time.

Donald’s “explanation” of this action which he read from a teleprompter, goes along with this view mentioning “God” more than once. The fact that the real Donald never gave any indication that he ever listened to any “god” other than himself or perhaps other members of his alt-right staff is totally contradicted here and the rather mild “responses” from Russia and others makes it seem to me that this was planned and deliberate rather than in any way “quixotic”!

Considering that Trump is under suspicion of having stolen the 2016 election with the help of at least one foreign power (see Putin), I have to think that this is further “help” from the same sources and I don’t think we should be “suckered” into this “explanation”!

I think this is an attempt to short-circuit and distract from any pending investigation much as Trump’s fact-free charge that he was wire-tapped by the Obama administration.

I’m not claiming that the preceding is now untrue but the “truth” is always changing with the Donalds and now the worsening relations between the Trumps and the Russians may be a fact or not. I think nobody now knows. Not even the Donalds!

Friday, March 24, 2017

The death of Joseph Dillon Ford

My Eulogy on Joe Ford’s Facebook page:


I'm shocked that you didn't survive your illness and my condolences to your family. and all the other members of the Delian Society whose lives you touched.

I am honored to have been chosen by you as a founding member of the Delian Society and had hoped that you would survive me.

Perhaps I can show my gratitude by writing something in your memory. Or perhaps we can do the same by a collaborative collection in your memory similar to those we did in the past.


Ed Gold

Joe was, not only a frequent commentator on my own Facebook page, but  also an occasional contributor to this blog.
The musical project I mentioned above is beginning to take shape and I am hoping to contribute to it if my age and mental condition will allow it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Donald in our future

 That the "election" of Trump was a result of many factors including interference in the election by more than one foreign country, Putin's Russia and Bibi Netanyahu's orthodox Israeli government immediately come to mind. And, yes, FBI director James Comey's ill-timed  investigation of Hillary's emails which eventually came to nought after that damage had already been done.

We are also told that liberals have in Roger Cohen's Times opinion piece "lost sight of their country."

but I say we are not guilty of putting this completely unqualified and downright dangerous fool in charge of our country and I would have to say that his "election" was in no way legitimate after looking at the real facts!

After all the many countrywide and global  protests which I expect to persist during Trump's tenure, I and many others have to ask "What now?"

Will it be what the little 6-7 year old I recently encountered who said "impeach" and who later left no doubt who he was talking about by giving his name or will they simply "fire" him after he stops being useful to them?

While I wish him no harm I simply don't want him as my president and there are many who agree!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wagner's Parsifal and our electoral aftermath

I think my last post turned out to be rather prophetic and possibly shows that I saw it coming!

And it's not only Trump but an almost worldwide turn to the right. For instance Marine Le Pen, the extreme right wing candidate in France now thinks it quite possible that she and her party will take over the French government.

Lest you think I'm not taking this fiasco seriously, I can only say I feel like Amfortas in Wagner's "Parsifal" who has a wound which won't heal.

But I don't think it can be healed by an impure fool, if you know who I mean!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Now Hillary is tied with Trump!!! How did that happen?

I've always thought that she has an absolute talent for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

I will not ever vote for Trump and Hillary has been an energetic and fine public servant over the years. But she has apparently been a lousy candidate!!!!

I recall years ago that I left our YMCA one rather drizzly evening and walked north. I approached Bed, Bath and Beyond (?) and, as I did, I saw a blonde lady running out of it followed by a man with an umbrella who was unable to keep up with her and she ran into a waiting limousine and drove away quickly.

I am quite certain this was Hillary and I believe she and Bill lived to the west of Broadway.

If she can not beat Donald in the debates, there is no hope.

How do you lose to an absolute phony like The Donald?

Perhaps she has found a way!