Ed's talk: Kathleen Parker: Limbaugh "Dittoheads" Killing Newspapers

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kathleen Parker: Limbaugh "Dittoheads" Killing Newspapers

"I think the internet is killing newspapers. If you can get any news reports with a few clicks on your mouse, why do you need to buy a paper?"

I agree; that's it in a nutshell! The presence on our New York City streets of various freebie news handouts (for example, Metro and AM) also make it unnecessary to buy a paper. Yes, you don't have the high-priced opinionators but these too can be read on the net and, no doubt, one by one, these will eventually disappear.

It's a question of new technology taking over from the old; there's nothing to be done except delaying the inevitable. Even now, it's often easy to get the New York Post or Daily News as a free handout on the street.

It's not a question or liberal vs. conservative or Republican vs. Democrat. It's the economics! duh!
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