Ed's talk: absurdities and fools rushing in, updated

Thursday, June 2, 2016

absurdities and fools rushing in, updated

No, this is not about opera plots or overly seductive piano players!

This is about the most idiotic statements from the right-wing area of politics.

Rush Limbaugh is wondering why "Harambe was still an ape" Harambe being the gorilla who had to be shot because of parenting failures by those of the 4 year old boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure.

Now it seems that we cannot expect Rush to have any concept of how evolution works but couldn't we at least expect him to keep his yap shut rather than expose his vast store of ignorance?

Down the line, we keep getting equally-"brilliant" statements from those other folks who have been long discredited such as Michele Bachmann whose husband Marcus "cures" gay people ("Physician, heal thyself"). And also the GOP front-runner who is not so much a religious nut as an advanced lifelong con-man who takes advantage of this political environment.

If Donald destroys the GOP, he will do a great service to the country.

If he were to become its President, he can only be expected to be a complete disaster!


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