Ed's talk: further on the current sex scandals

Thursday, January 25, 2018

further on the current sex scandals

My posting on WQXR is shown above but with a Wikipedia photo, for copyright reasons.

I can attest to the fact that Gelb initially tried to kill the story but couldn't. I can also say that the story is really quite an old one and has only become current due to other stories which persist on the internet involving Hollywood, starting with Harvey Weinstein, as well as the world of music, politics and other fields.

As victims, females have come first (the "Me-too movement") and here, our President himself who cannot keep his mouth shut if his life depends on it, has boasted about his successes with women especially on the "Access Hollywood" footage.

But males of all ages have also been victims, not only of Levine and Kevin Spacey but of religion as well and one can only hope that Pope Francis can eventually allow priests to marry a mature spouse of their gender choice. Nothing else will do!

It won't completely solve the problem but it ought to help!


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