Ed's talk: No Religion? No Problem

Monday, April 13, 2009

No Religion? No Problem

Though I have been an agnostic since my early teens, I must say religion has given itself a noticeable black eye in recent years which has only made me more outspokenly anti-religious.

The widespread scandals of the Roman Catholic Church, the idiotic statements and actions of its leaders, the fall of the evangelististas (see Ted Haggard who has been frustrated in his attempts to sell his snake oil since his exposure, as well as the resignation of James Dobson from his "Focus on the Family" and Rick Warren whose sudden fame has now rendered him speechless.), and even the manifestly absurd beliefs of all these people which can not be criticized because you may not criticize "faith".

I don't know where this will all end but I think the real contributions of religion will have to be its music, architecture and art (much of it created by non-believers!) the best of which needs to be preserved.

To hell with the rest!
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