Ed's talk: My 3/18/2018 comment on Times web site

Monday, March 19, 2018

My 3/18/2018 comment on Times web site

I like to think that Maureen, in her previously snarky columns on “Barry” Obama and Hillary Clinton has perhaps regretted writing them and with her pushing DFT as “entertainment” for us plebes after realizing what a monster she had helped create!
But though looking to Robert Mueller to correct the situation, while thinking of it as still a possibility, I have been thinking it less and less likely as time goes by.I hope I am proven wrong but 45’s willingness to fight as dirty as necessary to save his own backside as shown recently in the case of Andrew McCabe’s firing shows what we are up against.
Only the ballot box shows what we should do and hope we are clever enough to avoid the result of the last election.
I like to think that we should vote as Americans and not as followers of “Vlad the Impaler”.


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