Ed's talk: Sep 28, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Herman Cain Wins Florida Straw Poll Ahead Of 2012 (VIDEO)

I wrote a recent posting in which I called the Tea Party racist and met with many denials on that subject. But many others including the NAACP have said the same thing:


This doesn't mean that everyone in the Tea Party movement is a racist but the TPs attempts to discredit Obama through the birther and other angles are to me undeniably racist.

Yes, but they say that Cain's popularity proves they are not. As I wrote, the straw poll in Florida was a protest vote in my opinion and the fact that the GOP powers-tha­­t-be have been courting, of late, Chris Christie, for example apparently without success (I wouldn't be surprised if he eventually allows himself to "be persuaded" to run.) shows that not to be too far-fetche­­d.

We must remember that the GOP felt betrayed by the poor showing of their Presidenti­a­l and Vice Presidenti­­al candidates­­' in the last election (especiall­­y to a black man, "that one" in McCain's unfortunat­­e choice of words,) and they don't want to repeat the process!

They don't need, at this point, the two Palinesque ladies O'Donnell and especially Bachman or the Ricks Perry and Santorum among many others, and they have to find someone who is at least electable. So far, they have had little success.
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