Ed's talk: Nov 28, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rick Warren: I'm Not A Homophobe (VIDEO)

I made certain statements about Rick Warren earlier today which I won't repeat. As of the present, the post has not been publihed but all of a sudden I see this.

If Rick wants to deny what I wrote, let him but ignoring what I wrote is not a denial.

But I think that certainly what he did 4 years ago by summoning Obama and McCain to his church (Yes, they both appeared!) is an illegal intrusion by the Rollers on our political processes, comparable to certain Catholic priests and bishops telling their flock who to vote for.

Fortunately, their flock pretty much ignored them.

And that Rick Warren gave the invocation at the '08 inaugural was a real slap in our faces and Obama should have known better!

Fortunately Obama more than made up for it subsequently.
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Petition Calls For Barclays, Citibank To Condemn Uganda's 'Kill The Gays' Anti-Homosexuality Bill

I signed yesterday. It is beyond the pale that any country is still considering this absolutely disgusting, inhuman, and medieval law!

Rick Warren, among other American evangelicals, may have gone over to Uganda some years ago to support this law. And I wasn't pleased to notice that, in the first campaign, both Obama and McCain were summoned to his Saddleback Church and both appeared. In addition, this guy gave the invocation at O's first inaugural.

Though Obama, of course, famously "evolved" on the subject of LGBT rights and marriage, with a large prodding from his VP, he was roundly criticized at the time.
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