Ed's talk: Feb 22, 2016

Monday, February 22, 2016

The last of the Bushies; the disappearance of Jeb

With the withdrawal of Jeb from the presidential race, we have  the final squawk of a dynastic family that gave us 2 presidents: George H.W. Walker Bush and the notorious George W. Bush who brought us both the Iraq quagmire and the utterly evil sociopath Dick "Darth" Cheney known either and appropriately as "Vice" or "the true president of the administration"!  It has always been said that Bush "lied us into Iraq" and, in so doing, permanently destabilized a vast region of the world.

It was with amazing "Chutzpah" that brother Jeb even chose to run having wasted his time, energy and money on a fruitless quest.

Their mother Barbara had it right when she said some time ago "No more Bushes".

Would that the family had stuck to that!