Ed's talk: Feb 19, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

McCain's Viagra Problem

John McCain did something unforgivable by picking a nitwit as vice-presidential candidate. In addition, his campaign put him in the position of really being John McSame by supporting most of the same positions as the Moron-in-Chief of the former administration.

His Republican colleagues in Congress have stuck to their wackoid guns despite the Democrats having won the election, an event about which they seem in denial. And despite having elected a black man, Michael Steele, as party chairman, they remain as racist as ever as you might expect from a party made up of many former Dixiecrats and their offspring. And it seems they are terribly embarrassed at losing to a black man! (Yes, "That One"!)

And their crazy supporters like the New York Post with "that cartoon"!!! These people are even too dense to know when they are being racist.

I hope they continue to get what they deserve!
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