Ed's talk: Dec 5, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hang One, Hang 'Em All

I don't have all the hard facts except to say that if the government­s involved had any real case against Assange, they'd have charged him long ago.

As it is up to the present, they can only play hardball by intimidati­on, smears and innuendo.

If the Obama administra­tion can prove that soldiers' lives were put in danger by the actions of Wikileaks, then go ahead and punish Assange. Otherwise, continue to give Bush, Cheney and friends free passes on their real and proven criminal activities as they have been doing since they took power in '08.

And with its phony wars in Iraq and elsewhere, we ought to see that they are the ones putting lives at risk, not Julian Assange!
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