Ed's talk: Jun 8, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

`Billy Elliot' wins 10 Tonys; `Carnage' best play

I agree with SKOC! I wasn't able to watch more than an hour of this expensive junk and the opening number, despite the sound failures and despite the fact that I'd turned the volume down, was an exercise only in sheer noise transmission. It was a circus, not a decent presentation, with many different things coming at the audience all at once.

Do the powers that be think that this incredibly inept attempt at "razzle-dazzle" is going to sell more tickets? Maybe they are right but does one get nothing quieter at all? And is it impossible to find anyone that can write a decent tune nowadays?

And why, in a revival such as West Side Story which is head and shoulders above Shreck and company (They all seemed pretty 'schrecklich".), can they not present it at Radio City attractively instead of what they actually did? The new Spanish adaptations were mentioned; why were these not presented, at least briefly?

Perhaps it got better as it went along but the beginning lost me and I couldn't tell you if it actually did.

A waste of time, money and talent!
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