Ed's talk: Dec 29, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Losing My Religion: If I'm So Done With Faith, Why Do I Still Feel Its Loss?

For me, religion was something I had very briefly when I went to Hebrew school and I was rescued from its grave dishonesti­es by my unbelievin­g parents and in one instance by a newspaper column.

As a music student, of course I learned about Catholic dogma and can still recite much if not all of the Ordinary of the Latin Mass from memory. Listening and even performing it is not a problem as long as I believe in it when I'm listening to it. When it's over I revert to my normal skepticism­.

I believe that all of the Four Horsemen of atheism including the late Christophe­r Hitchens would support this.

As for greetings, I prefer "Seasons Greetings" (yes I say it!) or "Happy New Year" but it's not a sin to wish believers a "Merry Christmas"­. Lately I've been wishing everyone a "Merry New Year" because it's closer to the truth. ("Merry" denotes, in the words of one of my more eccentric former acquaintan­ces) a "holiday with strong drink" even if I no longer indulge in that.

And go to all the parties you want. There's no need to feel left out or to feel you are missing anything!
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