Ed's talk: Jul 28, 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Having watched a good part of the speeches last night at the Democratic National Convention after the formal nomination of Hillary Clinton, allow me to share my thoughts on them.

What they all had in common, of course, were attacks on Donald Trump, the Republican nominee and, perhaps most interestingly considering his position as an independent and a billionaire, those by Michael Bloomberg.

Mr. Bloomberg has hardly been a favorite of mine over the years especially because of his self-serving opportunism in allowing himself a third term as Mayor of New York City after which he restored the status quo of the two-term limitation.

But I can almost forgive him when he endorsed Hillary at the DNC and exposed the Donald as the total fraud and sociopath that he is! (And anyone, like Donald who suggests that Russia hack Hillary's emails is engaged in an act of near-treason!)

From other viewpoints, the speeches by the others were equally effective especially those by Vice President Joe Biden, Tim Kaine the VP nominee, and President Obama's final speech as President before the DNC.