Ed's talk: Oct 15, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Once more on the Bailout (HuffPo)

This did make it to Huffington but something messed up and they were unable to send to Blogspot:

I'm not going to bash Bush again since he and his cronies are doing their own self-bashing, thank you. But as I wrote some days ago (Oct. 12th) on my web blog:

"The Bush administration, having swindled taxpayers out of more money in the earlier settlement, are in major panic mode and are having to try various other schemes to shore up an economy which, after all, they were were the ones who screwed up.

Since this is a crisis of confidence and since there is no confidence in the Bushies, I don't believe they can ever be the ones to solve the problems, whether or not they can be solved. It really seems that another administration needs to deal with the mess and we can only hope it is the Obamas and not the McCains who will."

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