Ed's talk: Aug 16, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rick Warren's Forum To Include Questions About Candidates' Personal Lives

The questioning by Rev. Warren is another "unWarrented" intrusion by the Religious Looneys into the politics of our country. Why any candidate has to subject him/her-self to this I find an outrageous violation of the doctrine of separation of church and state.

If the evangelicals or any other religious groups want to get involved in politics, they should say so and start paying income tax like any other pressure groups! (And this includes the Catholic Church!)

I'm reminded that when Ron Reagan Jr. was asked if he had any plans to run for president, he replied that, as as atheist he didn't have a chance (to which he might have added that his background as an, um, ex-ballet dancer would have disqualified him even more.).

Rev. Warren apparently speaks to God and tells us what God "wants". Since "He" never spoke to me, I can't speak as infallibly as these guys.

I am sure that the country wants another administration as "moral" as the one we would love to simply disappear and get another president who also speaks to "God".
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