Ed's talk: Sep 8, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Comment on Frank Rich article

In contrast to what Frank Rich has said, we know plenty about Sarah Palin and what we know is pretty scary!

She is a mother with a dysfunctional family and a 17 year old pregnant daughter despite her conspicuous "family values". And according to the title of another column, her "goal is to follow God's will".

In the first instance, ome might fault Sarah Palin's parenting in her apparent failure to teach proper sex education and contraception in contrast to the concept of "abstinence". And we know how effective teaching abstinence is when teen-age hormones are raging!

In the second instance, doing "God's will" is an especially dangerous idea as we ought to know from the thoroughly idiotic policies of the Bush administration.

Whether they are sincere or cynical, I suspect a mixture of both at least in the person of the "Decider" who "speaks to God", matters not at all; the result has still been a disaster. And the public's foolishness in demanding that a candidate must "have faith" plays into this.

To pretend to be a force for change as McCain does is ingenuous at best and "stupid" (in Obama's word) at the worst.

I would hope the voting public would be more intelligent this time around and not fall for more Republican propaganda.

Obama/Biden '08

— Edward Gold, New York, NY