Ed's talk: Jul 14, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mitt Romney: No There There

It is truly amazing that in describing the city of Oakland where she grew up, Gertrude Stein has perfectly described Mitt Romney. The suit is empty, the mind is hollow and the man stands for nothing.

As I've said many times, he was never suited to be a Tea Party candidate but in choosing him as their "safest" choice, the teabaggers have picked an utterly ineffectual candidate who probably hasn't a chance of ever being elected. How can he be when he refuses to tell anyone who he is?

This is fine with me but the President also deserves a Congress who won't automatically oppose his goals at every turn only because they hate him.

Yes, I know that Obama is far from perfect but he has accomplished a lot, considering the opposition:

Obama-Biden/ 2012. (Mitt Romney /1712.)
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