Ed's talk: Dec 1, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rep. Hinchey: Bush Administration 'Intentionally Let bin Laden Get Away' In Order To Justify Iraq War

Who could possibly believe such a story? Why to even mention it is impugning the Bushies veracity and patriotism! As proof of this patriotism can't we point to the Patriot Act? They couldn't possibly be unpatriotic and create the Patriot Act, could they?

And, yes, the fact that they put the Bin Laden family members, that were here, on planes out of the country on 9/12 is further proof of the unshakable honesty of Dubya and Dead-eyed Dick! How could Hinchey even suggest such a thing?

And then there's the Downing Street Memo.

Oh wait...
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