Ed's talk: Sep 12, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Frank Rich: Obama Election Strategy Must Focus On 'People Like You'

Barack Obama has been extremely cautious on every front. He has tried to cooperate with the Republicans, he has also tried to not rock the flailing boat of Corporate America, of Big Banking and Big Pharma even if he's been called a socialist or worse.

He's had his successes, he has essentially wound down the Iraq war, he has put in a health-care system even though watered down, and he has made some attempt to wind down the Afghanistan conflict.

But I think that the American voter would be insane to think that the GOP and Tea Party will help them accomplish their goals but apparently they are insane enough judging by the various polls.

You want the GOP to do something? Think again! They will do something but only for themselves.

The public has rightly elected Obama because it was the only thing they could have done, and now the only thing they can do in the future is hold his feet to the fire.
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