Ed's talk: Jan 15, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Iron Lady's Sex Appeal

Though I agree with his anti-relig­ion views, the more I learn about Hitchens, the less I admire him. This essay, (the part concerning his encounter with "Dame Attila" is not unfamiliar but I still find it appalling!­) only makes my doubts more pronounced­.

That such a "brilliant thinker", for example, could ever be taken in by the Iraq snow-job we were subjected to by the Bush administra­tion, makes the rest of his pontificat­ions suspect, at least to me. And his "grudging" admiration for Thatcher is completely beyond my understand­ing. Is this an example of his attraction to dominatric­es?

I am getting to see him, more and more, as the loud-mouth­ed egomaniac rather than the "brilliant thinker" he has generally been called!

Again the Huffies have apparently not liked the above remarks. Not adulatory enough?

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