Ed's talk: Dec 4, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ken Russell Dies At 84: British Film Director Of 'Women In Love' Passes Away

I loved his early film on the composer Frederick Delius with an excellent performanc­e by Max Adrian as Delius. Christophe­r Gable the dancer played Eric Fenby ably as well though he was considerab­ly better looking than the real Fenby.

Apparently­, when Fenby finally saw the film he promptly had a nervous breakdown because of the memories that it brought to his mind.

in contrast, I saw about 5 minutes of the later film "The Music Lovers" about Tchaikovsk­y before turning it off in disgust. I still think Ken owed that composer's memory an apology for that film.
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Bill O'Reilly's War On Christmas Crusade Heats Up Again (VIDEO)

If there was ever a "war" on Christmas, it's news to me.

Go anywhere during this season and you can't escape it and since this happens every year, I try not to go into stores too often just to avoid red-nosed reindeers, chanteuses ruining the standards and the usual buh-buh-bu­h boos.

I have nothing against real Christmas music such as old Carols save the most hackneyed, Bach's so-called Christmas Oratorio (Handel's Messiah has been grossly overplayed­) and other examples of the repertory.

But a war on Christmas? I don't think so.
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