Ed's talk: Aug 7, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

David Axelrod: This Is A 'Tea Party Downgrade'

The Tea Party has perpetuate­d one of the most vicious attacks on our country since the Bush Admninitra­tion and the Republican Party as a whole has behaved with the most utmost irresponsi­bility in going along with them. The debt ceiling debate was one of the truly shameless acts of political blackmail that I can remember.

In addition, their attacks on education are a transparen­t attempt to make war on critical thinking. Their attacks on the unions are an attack on the ability of the people to organize. The best that they can seem to offer is Rick Perry's prayer meeting with their homophobic agenda and the Bachmanns' insanity along the same lines.

I would encourage people to speak up and protest in writing to your local politician­s and support the recall of Scott Walker and his buddies as well as the impeachmen­t of these Tea Party scoundrels­.

Our president, of course, was taken advantage of by these people and while I'd hope he'd grow a pair in vain, I'm sure they've taken delight in his political weaknesses­. Even so I'm not sure what he could do except open his mouth as many other presidents like Truman and Johnson did.

If we ever get out of the mess we ourselves got into by voting these yoyos in, I would hope we never again repeat this folly in the future.
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