Ed's talk: Jan 6, 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Return of The Clinton Crazies

I have faulted Hillary Clinton in the past but, as I've always maintained, no one is a saint.

She has proven herself in recent years as one of the most dedicated and extraordinarily hard-working members of Obama's cabinet and she does not deserve the despicable remarks and asinine jokes from the Foxes and the other far-right crazies. She has literally sacrificed her health to her job as Secretary of State.

Do these folks think that she has made her illness up and that the nurses and doctors are conspiring with her?

I don't really see why she should run for president in '16; let a younger person run.

She should retire and enjoy her life away from the limelight, at least for a few years.

She clearly needs her rest!
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