Ed's talk: Jan 24, 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Donald in our future

 That the "election" of Trump was a result of many factors including interference in the election by more than one foreign country, Putin's Russia and Bibi Netanyahu's orthodox Israeli government immediately come to mind. And, yes, FBI director James Comey's ill-timed  investigation of Hillary's emails which eventually came to nought after that damage had already been done.

We are also told that liberals have in Roger Cohen's Times opinion piece "lost sight of their country."

but I say we are not guilty of putting this completely unqualified and downright dangerous fool in charge of our country and I would have to say that his "election" was in no way legitimate after looking at the real facts!

After all the many countrywide and global  protests which I expect to persist during Trump's tenure, I and many others have to ask "What now?"

Will it be what the little 6-7 year old I recently encountered who said "impeach" and who later left no doubt who he was talking about by giving his name or will they simply "fire" him after he stops being useful to them?

While I wish him no harm I simply don't want him as my president and there are many who agree!