Ed's talk: Jan 22, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Things Could be Worse: It could be President McCain in 3 days

I must confess that my fears were far worse than McCain-Palin being elected.

For years, the Bushies gave the appearance of scaring the media and the congress into speechlessness or inaction or having them over a barrel of some sort. So much so they both literally let them have their way in a number of cases: Iraq, torture, Gitmo, wiretapping and other surveillance, (I'm sure we could all think of other things.)

What if these criminals decided they didn't want to leave and simply seized power? What if they decided to attack Iran? There are many other "what ifs"!

As it is, we may simply have lucked out with a president who appeared to have had enough of the job and an ill "Dr. Evil" who has now been reduced to a pathetic old guy in a wheelchair!

With the advent of Barack Obama, I have been able to get over these feelings of helplessness and depression. I hope we never again, as a country, find ourselves in a similar situation!
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