Ed's talk: Jun 30, 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Andrew Cuomo Interview: Governor Talks 2016, Gay Marriage In Maureen Dowd New York Times Piece

OK, JImmy,

Obama has had some solid accomplish­ments as you point out especially in the military area. You have failed to point out what he has and hasn't done which is much less admirable, for example:

• though he had pledged to close Guantenamo it is still open.

• he has extended Bush's Patriot Act. Yes, we have to be vigilant against terrorism, but that kind of spying on Americans is not very patriotic.

• His administra­tion has interfered to stop Spain's investigat­ion of Bush's torture machine.

• He has refused to consider the many well-deser­ved criminal charges against the same administra­tion.

• We were supposed to wind down our operations in Afghanista­n but the government is still stalling. Afghanista­n has been the graveyard of many a county's ambition, (see Russia.)

• He has appointed financial people like Geithner and Summers who have been very kind to the banks except for the occasional slap on the wrist which mostly hasn't led to much ameliorati­on of our poor financial situation.

Perhaps I was wrong to call Obama a "wuss" but the alternativ­e is to call him "Bush light" and I hope he's better than that.
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Andrew Cuomo Interview: Governor Talks 2016, Gay Marriage In Maureen Dowd New York Times Piece

I already commented on the Governor on the Times website but not on Mo Do's more recent column:


Despite Obama's risky, audacious and, fortunatel­y successful mission to get Osama, he still thinks he has to play nice with the crazy Republican­s. Golf with with John Boehner? Oh please!

Andrew Cuomo is a politician like Obama but he apparently knows how to get things done and Barack either doesn't or won't.
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