Ed's talk: Jun 24, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Homophobes Gay? Study Ties Anti-Gay Outlook To Homosexuality, Authoritarian Parenting

I, of course, agree with these studies but with one caveat: There is something that I would call "political homophobia" which is not the same thing though often enough it shades off into non-political homophobia.

There have been umpteen examples of this especially but not entirely in the GOP ("Gay Old Party"). It is clear that Larry "I'm not gay" Craig, Teddy Haggard, a certain former GOP Governor of Florida (no names please;-), Ken Mehlman and many others have hidden their nature to get ahead politically and otherwise. I am unsure about the various Ricks, whether they are homophobic or merely crazy.

Fred P. has been mentioned but he's clearly entirely nuts all around since he's against nearly everything! And as for Marcus, who knows? (Only his hairdresser knows for sure!)

As I've said more than once about the Repugs, they claim to have a big tent but it's really only a big closet!
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