Ed's talk: Jan 16, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere

The arguments of the far-right, religious or not, including the Catholic and other "christian" church hierarchies, both in regard to the repeal of DADT and the legal recognition of same-sex marriage, have long looked more foolish and, in the long run, tend to support the very things they are arguing against.

For example, the military brass's attempt to delay the repeal of DADT by saying further studies are necessary to determine if separate shower facilities would have to be built in military barracks if the repeal goes through. How long have they been studying this and have they found other countries which allow gays to serve openly have had to construct separate showers?

And the Pope's nonsensical attempt to link the promulgation of gay marriage with environmental damage etc. comes from the same source which states that condoms are not effective against the spread of AIDS in Africa.

The religious right would have us believe that this country was founded as a "Christian" nation. Tell that to the Founding Fathers who were essentially deists and not theists and we have laws against the establishment of any religion or, on the other hand, forbidding the practice of any religion.


The time for excuses are past so let's do the right and only possible things by repealing DADT now and agreeing to the acceptance of marriage equality.

Lt. Choi is absolutely right!
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