Ed's talk: Feb 16, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bill Clinton PBS Documentary: Robert Reich, Dick Morris Dish On Monica Lewinsky Scandal

I never understood why Bill was impeached for a sex scandal which I don't think amounted to a high crime or misdemeano­r. (Have we forgotten about FDR and JFK whose peccadillo­es were only exposed after their deaths?) The only people that should have been involved in that were Bill himself and Hillary and she chose to stick with him. But the GOP got him brought up on charges.

Now Bush and Cheney were another story with their buildup to a phony war for bogus reasons and for the benefit of their own profits. And for draining the country of its resources from which we are only now recovering­. These are the real high crimes!

And it should be noticed that the Democrats did not pay them back, though they richly deserved it!
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