Ed's talk: Aug 13, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mad Men

Have you people seen actual footage of the Town Hall "debates"? People can say what they want, within reason but yelling at others as Bill O'Reilly does and shouting them down is not a debate and is not giving any other opinions the right to be heard.

Some of these remarks are completely off-the-wall and uncalled for, such as one man shouting "God will punish you!" to one politician.

Many of these loonies are, I think, responding to professional agitators such as Billo, Glenn Beck and Rush L., and Big Pharma and the healthcare insurers themselves may well be culprits in inciting these "protests". This is more than making one's opinion heard; this is bullying!

Steven is right; he may have come across as a bit too graphic but he is right all the same.
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