Ed's talk: Oct 28, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Racial Views: Poll Shows Majority Harbor Prejudice Against Blacks

The Mittmicks are out in full force today! Yes, folks, note that I wrote that the Mittster lacks empathy for others less fortunate than himself and I stand by my statement. All you guys can do is set up the usual strawmen and woman (Pelosi). Oh, George Souros, are you still bringing him up? Get some new material, boys and girls.

In our imperfect system you have to have money to get into politics. But Mitt's fortune is above and beyond all that and all over the globe for that matter. And I know a lot more about Obama than I ever will about Willard who will tell you very little about himself and even when he does, he will contradict it soon after.

Neither Obama or anyone else is perfect but he has accomplished a lot in the face of deliberate opposition and even hatred from the right-wingers (yes folks, that's your "heroes"!) who announced they'd oppose him as soon as he got into office. And they did!

And being "filthy rich" is on a different level than just plain "rich"!
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