Ed's talk: Mar 27, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Deaf Boys Tried For Decades To Tell Of Priest's Sexual Abuse

Besides the sexual abuse of children, the Catholic Church has also been guilty of of physical and mental abuse towards them and many others over the years. Whether there has truly been an improvement in recent years is not for me to say as I was lucky enough to escape the shackles of organized religion after my early teens.

The official doctrine of the Church is that being gay, or at least acting on it, for instance, is "intrinsically disordered". If this is true, what can we say about an organization where such abuses have taken place against the innocent and where ordinary homosexuality seems to be the rule rather than the exception? At the very least, it's the pot and the kettle, at most it is the most blatant hypocrisy imaginable.

I don't, for instance, begrudge a certain former New York Cardinal his chorus boys but to work against gay rights at the same time is inexcusable. (Much like Roy Ashburn and Larry Craig in politics.)

The Church is headed towards the pit unless they "repent of their sins" and get rid of the head Dinosaur who is leading them into extinction. They must do nothing less than getting a real Pope such as John XXIII and modernizing the organization including allowing married men or women or those in a relationship, gay or straight, to become priests.

Do I think they can do this? No but that's not my problem.
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