Ed's talk: Jul 23, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Study: The Effects Of Serotonin On Spirituality

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I've lately been interested in this subject of "spirituality" apart from any New Age connotations which I steer clear of. But I took SAMe (S-Adenosyl methionine) for many years, yes with the prescribed vitamin and mineral supplements, and this is a substance supposed to increase serotonin. (Though I never noticed any particular increase in "spirituality".)

I have, since 1995, been a computer composer who tends to write descriptive (representational) music for orchestra, voice, piano or chamber music. Though I've written some "sacred" music in the past due to circumstances, I've avoided it more recently.

Does this make me "spiritual"? I'd put this under "imaginative" rather than "spiritual" or "mystical", another word that is bandied around quite a bit. (No, I've never ingested LSD, mushrooms or similar drugs!)

I am a longtime agnostic (since my early teens) and organized or "disorganized" religion is really not a part of my life. I have experienced a couple of "ghostly" phenomena while traveling in Europe in my younger days but I remain "agnostic" about these as well.

Ed Gold