Ed's talk: Jul 5, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sarah and Michael

I admit I'm rather an old rebel but when you are incessantly being subjected to the same old BS about these two "celebrities", it does tell on you.

Let's start with "Wailin' Palin" first. Ever since Johnnie Mac chose her as his running mate, we have seen her photo everywhere whether we want to or not. Her resignation announcement was a model of incoherence and, perhaps, near-insanity and her every move as Governor of Alaska and vice presidential candidate was a failure. I don't see why the media is still interested in her; she is not a "has-been" but rather a "never-was".

She ominously has been threatening legal action against bloggers and other members of the media but having put herself in the public eye, I doubt she has any case against anyone.

As a "family values" exponent, she is laughable for the most obvious reasons in the world starting with her daughter Bristol's unwed pregnancy and her scandal-plagued administration is not exactly a model of political rectitude.

Even her speech makes George W. Bush sound like Demosthenes! (This is perhaps her greatest accomplishment.)

Please media, can we be allowed to forget this fraud? She has never given any reason to remember her! And Johnnie M, please shut up!

Michael Jackson is another story. Another Elvis in the making (I expect the pilgrimages to Neverland should eventually outrank those to Graceland.), the comments about him have run the gamut from "perv" to the greatest entertainer ever. In short, a "true legend"!!!

It's not my intention here to argue whether or not he was a pederast (I personally think not!); but he certainly seemed to be homosexual which should not be a problem anymore. He was unable, as is the case of many in the public eye, to deal with his celebrity and got no help from his family in any way. His friends and advisers may have meant well but they were of little help either in the long run.

But, I have come to the same conclusion about Michael: let's let him rest in peace. I think he was a very talented performer in his own field but, please media, enough is enough!