Ed's talk: Dec 27, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bush Flack Spouts Nonsense While Touting Success of Presidency

You accuse us all of complacency and say all Americans must assume some level of responsibility for the actions of the Bush Administration.

What were we supposed to do? I did not vote for Bush ever and did my best to convince others to not support him or his cronies. I wrote to Nancy Pelosi and my senators and representatives repeatedly earnestly requesting the beginnings of impeachment and I supported the efforts of Mr. Kucinich to get the ball rolling even supporting his candidacy at the beginning. I signed many an open letter and petition.

No one in power wanted to do anything and I simply got the usual pass-the-buck email form replies from Hillary and everyone else ("Thank you for your interest," etc.). Speaker Pelosi early on took impeachment off the table; no one knows why.

I did what I could by blogging and comments but was simply not in a position to do much in the way of other support.

I was not complacent but I do not have a private army and had no means of stopping Bush or Cheney.

To say "we are all guilty" is simply fatuous to say the least.
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