Ed's talk: Dec 20, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is It True Every Time You Hear an Accordion an Angel Gets Kicked in the Nuts?

Since there have been comments about accordions and polkas, I am irresistibly reminded of Lawrence Welk, his Stepford Musical Family and especially Myron Floren, his accordionist.

While I could never stand any of the Welks, my parents (and I think many other parents) loved him! I never could understand this as my folks seemed otherwise sensible people. So if I was visiting them, I was a captive Welk audience. ("And a one and a two")

I am happy that there are only four-and-a-half days left of Christmas as far as merchandising is concerned and then we can concentrate on Guy Lombardo and Dick Clark and the New Year crap which is much more bearable than "Rudolph", etc.
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