Ed's talk: May 27, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ireland To Demand Catholic Church Pay Additional Reparations For Child Abuses

Are we now to believe that the Irish, of all people, are the only ones willing to go after the Church for its manifold crimes? Or are we to believe that these crimes have only occured in Ireland?

Of course, they've never happened in the United States have they? When will our Federal Government get the balls to go after it's church(es) big time and why do they keep pretending it's just a small number of priests who are guilty?

And how do the religious authorities have the effrontery to pose as persons of superior moral character after all is said and done?

The churches that have permitted this to happen and then get into politics like the Mormons and Roman Catholics should be taxed as political entities and also heavily fined for their criminal activities.
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