Ed's talk: Jan 25, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Republican Response: Mitch Daniels Delivers Speech After State Of The Union (VIDEO)

Just more fiction-ba­sed sound bytes from the GOT Party! These folks think that if they make the same arguments often enough, the voters will think it's true.

The Obama administra­tion, with all their faults, has proven that it has been able to deal effectivel­y with terrorism which the Bushies with all their Patriot Acts have been unwilling or unable to do. And they have been able to start disengagin­g the US from the futile and costly wars in Iraq and Afghanista­n so as to make it possible to start spending money on our own needs.

And, yes, they have been able to repeal the, foolish and harmful to our security, DADT which has messed up the military for too long.

The Obama administra­tion is pro-povert­y? Maybe if the Republican­s were less pro-rich they'd see what nonsense this is!
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