Ed's talk: Sep 21, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paulson resists calls for added help in bailout

"Well thanks to the Clintonistas forced Affirmative actions rules that forced banks to lend to those who should not and could not... And two years of Democrat worthless congress........"

A classic "but, but, Clinton!" remark.

The coming Depression is entirely on the Bushes' watch! I find it astonishing that this excuse for an administration and its sorry excuse for a Party is absolutely adept at getting elected (except in the last election.) and can't run the country at all to save their miserable backsides.

The GOP is the Party of Blame, nothing else. Yes, the Democrats should have stood up to impeach the criminals who run our country and I blame them for not doing that. But they have the opposite problem; they can run the country but tend to screw up elections.

Yes, the senile (apparently) John McCain and the "Hockey Mom" will save us, not!
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