Ed's talk: Jan 15, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reagan Had Alzheimer's As President, Says Son

Huff-Po has been censoring all my latest comments (mostly about Tucson) so I'm dubious about posting this one.

My mother too wasted away from Alzheimer'­s and my poor father had a really hard time caring for her. (They lived in Florida and I in New York.) In fact, he didn't last a year after she died in a nursing home at 82.

I am fond of Ron Junior as well as Patti and even have some recent sympathy for old Nancy but I didn't care for the "Codger" as I heard him called by some admirers. I did rotice his mental disabiliti­es throughout the course of his presidency even if I didn't have enough informatio­n at the time to put this down to A.D..

The so-called "Great Communicat­or" ("There you go again!") helped pave the way for the nonsensica­l sound bytes of recent times and I didn't like how the Reagans' handlers covered up his mental disabiliti­es which resulted in some of the really bad policies which we are still following.

How his followers could even think of putting him up on Mt. Rushmore is beyond my understand­ing.

The ever-vigilant mods at H.P. have deemed this unworthy of being published so don't look for it in the article.
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